Book Week

On Monday the 22nd to 26th of August  week 5 term 3  2011 our school celebrated Book Week.

We participated in three events throughout the week.

The first event was the book week parade whereby we had to dress up in something that represented the culture we come from.

The second thing we did was read to the R/1 class.  Each person in our class had to choose a picture book and then our teacher buddied us up with a R/1 student.

 The third activities we participated in was t was Dan spoke to  us about his career he taught us about comics and how to draw them.

We all had a great time.

By Liam

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Living and Non Living

In our class we are looking at living and non living things. Here are same some examples of living things; plants, trees people, animals and insects. Here are some examples of non living thing; rocks, water, playgrounds, buildings and furtniture.

Living things can reproduce, breath, they take in food or nutrients, grow and change and give off waste.
Non living things cannot reproduce, they do not need air, food or water.

By Taliah C

Sorting Living and Non living things

Sophie’s spelling Glog

In spelling when we finish our worksheet we get to make a glog of our spelling words. A glog is a poster you can make on the computer on a website called glogster. There are lots of things you can put on your poster like text, drawings,  and other things, you can even take a video of yourself and put it on. This is my Glog.

Footy Clinic

Today some players from the West Adelaide Footy Club came out to our school and ran a footy clinic.  We were taught skills such as handballing, kicking, marking and goal kicking. 

Footy Clinic on PhotoPeach

Footy Clinic on PhotoPeach

Campus Soccer Under 9s

Hello world,

Some people in our class participate in Campus Soccer.

We play soccer on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Our team has not won a game yet but we are determined too!

The best goal keeper on our team  is Lachlan.

The best defender is Elliott.

The best attacker is Viron.

The best striker is Jay (Jayden).

Players Rules:

1. no handballs, tripping, off sides, fighting or arguing with the ref

Goalie Rules:

1.The goalie can pick up the ball in the goal square only.

2. If the goalie catches the ball they can: throw it, soccer kick it and footy kick it.

3.If the ball rolls past the line the goalie can soccer kick it.

Out of Bounds Rules:

1. If a team mate kicks it onto their oppositions goal side, it’s a corner.

2.If the ball goes off your foot and goes over the side line, it is a throw in

by Elliott and Lachlan


Meet Our Wonderful SLT Members!

This term we had to elect new SLT (Student Leadership Team) members to represent our class. The role of an SLT is to ensure they are fantastic role models to the other students, chair our class meetings, attend meetings with all the other SLT in the school and organise events.

Meet Our Wonderful SLT for Term 3 and 4

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YouCan School Program


Did you know one in 100 Australians are diagnosed with cancer before the age of 30?

  • In the last 25 years there has been virtually no improvement in survival outcomes for the 15-30 age group.
  • Cancer is the biggest disease killer of Australian teenagers.
  • In Australia your chances of surviving certain cancers decreases by 50% the day you turn 16.
  • Currently in Australia, if you are diagnosed with cancer over the age of 16, you are treated in the adult health care system.
  • Teenagers and young adults need specialised care in an age-appropriate environment.


DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN HELP. Just collect any old mobile phones from your family and friends and give it to

The You Can Schools Program gives schools the opportunity to not only help young
Australians survive cancer and contribute to a greener planet, it is also an easy way
to get amazing educational products for free!

You Can Schools

Please help us by bringing  in your old mobile phones. They can be brought to the Nativity front office or taken to Mr. Baldock’s 2/3 classroom.

By Grace